Peckham People Archive

Plaques in Peckham and Nunhead

Peckham and Nunhead have a wide range of plaques commemorating the local significance of a person, event or building. These permanent records are often fixed to a building where an individual lived or worked. The major plaque-awarding organisations have different criteria; the most  stringent is English Heritage. This scheme was started in 1876 and was

Charles Joseph Walls, The Wayward Curate

A Peckham trial Until the early 1890s Charles Joseph Walls appears to have led a fairly ordinary life. He was born in late 1861 in Ilkley, Yorkshire, one of ten children to Frederick Walls, a stockbroker, and his wife Maria. By 1867 the family had moved to 18 Fawcett Street, Kensington (1871 Census) and by

George Choumert

George Choumert (1746-1831), who developed large areas of our local community, came originally from Lorraine in France, but moved to England when he married into the wealthy Fendall family of Bermondsey, becoming a British citizen in 1796. A patent of 7 August 1783, relating to his invention of a machine for cutting, splitting and dividing

George Clift and Frederick Layton Clift

Arson in Nunhead George Clift (born 1837) and Frederick Layton Clift (born 1839) were the youngest sons of Isaac Clift and Sarah Ann Layton. Isaac was a skilled cordwainer in Islington with several employees. After he died in about 1840, Sarah married William Lanham, a tiler and plasterer and moved to Westbury, Wiltshire in 1848.