Made in Peckham Archive

The Bronze Foundries

Introduction Beneath the railway viaduct between Consort Road and Brayards Road is a row of about twenty arches. For over seventy years they were the location of two leading British foundries casting large scale bronzes, many of which can be seen today on the streets of London and further afield. Dr Salter’s Daydream by Diane

The British Wine Manufactory

The large Victorian industrial building next to the bus garage depot on Blackpool Road is described today as the ‘Old Mill’ but little is known of its history. On late 19th maps and early 20th century maps it is labelled ‘British Wine Manufactory’. In 1871 the road layout in that area of Peckham was complete.

George England & Co, Hatcham Iron Works

To most people the thought of heavy industry in London up to the turn of the 21s century  might seem absurd. George England and Co. started up from Newcastle upon Tyne in 1812 and began producing locomotives in Hatcham Iron Works in the 1840s. The site lay just east of Pomeroy Street in Peckham. They

Roberts Capsule Stopper Factory (1887-2007)

In Spring 1916 the Peckham Society was sent photos of Roberts Capsule Stopper Factory by Jill Abrey in New Zealand. Her father, Charles Reading, joined the firm as an office boy when the firm was in Harder’s Road, Peckham in 1916 and finally retired in 1976 as managing director. Roberts Capsule Stopper Company Ltd. was

W. Greenwood & Sons

From: Ron Woollacott SE15 According to Kelly’s Directories the hosepipe factory was established at 177 Kirkwood Road some time between 1935 and 1950. W. Greenwood & Sons and Co. Ltd. were manufacturers of flex hoses in 1950, and by 1980 were listed as “oil resisting hose pipe manufacturers”. I do not know when the firm

Henry Joseph Howard – Hairpin Maker (19C)

From: Sheila Farmer Hartley, Kent One of my Peckham ancestors was a hairpin manufacturer so here is a history of him. Many thanks for keeping us in touch with Peckham news both past and present. My great grandfather Henry Joseph Howard was born in Snowsfields, Southwark, in 1818. His father, a tin plate worker, died

Collaro Ltd

From: Derek Fisher by email When the Collaro factory left Peckham in the early 1940s to go to Langley Mill in Derbyshire, I don’t suppose anyone knew what floodgates were being opened. There were about 2,000 people employed there making munitions. My late wife and I were amongst them together with many others who came