Peckham Library is now open again after a £1.5 million refurbishment which was aimed at saving money by improving its energy efficiency.   Included in the works were green upgrades retrofitting the building with low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps.  The library was closed for six months but fortuitously has re-opened in time for the summer school holidays.

Councillor Catherine Rose, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Leisure and Parks, said: “We are very proud of our libraries in Southwark. Peckham is one of our biggest and busiest libraries and a critical element of the public realm and square. It not only offers traditional library services, but provides enriching events for children and adults, free Wi-Fi and rooms for hire. It lends itself into the life and times of Peckham.  The transformed space now stands as a shining example of green building retro-fit practices, within the complexity of its original architecture. It now has high-efficiency boiler controls, an upgraded ventilation system, repairs to windows and insulation, and LED lighting.  Retrofit projects are currently underway at several locations including Burgess Park Sports Centre which is being upgraded with a heat pump and a green roof.