Memory Lane Archive

Reunion for Evacuees

From: James Roffey, Chief Executive, The Evacuees Reunion Association, The Mill Business Centre, Mill Hill, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Nottinghamshire DN10 4RA. On Friday 1 September 1939 thousands of children from all parts of London were evacuated due to the imminent start of the Second World War. I was evacuated with my sister’s school, Peckham Central Girls’ School.

Air raid shelters

From: Veronica Alden by email I remember the air raid shelters on Peckham Rye. When I was a child in the 1950s they were a great place to play. We would all go to the shelters and run up to the top and then jump off which was quite a height. They were a great

Bombing and evacuation

From: John Smith Irby-In-The-Marsh I was born in Marsden Road in 1936 and my earliest childhood memory is of hearing bombs screaming down from the sky in 1940. I was in our Anderson air-raid shelter with my mum and sister Pauline, in the garden of our house, in Tell Grove, close to Dulwich Hospital. I

Perkins family of Peckham

From: Ted Perkins Some years ago I contacted the Peckham Society while searching for WWII memorials in the Peckham area and, despite your help, nothing was found. The following account stems from that contact and may be of interest to your supporters. It highlights the importance of maintaining community relations. The Perkins family grew up

Reg Harris (1920-1992), cyclist and Reg Harrison’s cycle shop

From: Audrey McCall Hastings In the early 1950s my 15-year-old brother worked in Reg Harrison’s cycle shop at 41 Queen’s Road; it had a workroom behind. They made and assembled bicycles which arrived in many pieces. The marque mentioned was then affixed to these cycles. Some were special racing bikes made to order; he also

Vivian Woodward (1879-1954), amateur footballer

From: Bill Jarvis by email My grandmother’s brother, Vivian Woodward, was born in Lambeth and moved to Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, as a small child. He became a footballer, and has been described as the “David Beckham of 100 years ago”, with many great achievements: records lasting until the 1950s for England international caps, goals and hat-tricks.

The “Five Miles Club”

From: Irene Warden by email I came across an old medal, with an inscription on the back: 5 Miles Club C.C. Abbott 1923 I noticed that one of your articles mentions the “Five Miles Club Championship Race”: Rovers’ Club Race meeting at Sayes Court Recreation Ground, Deptford, where my grandfather Henry d’Arcy won the Five Miles

Nunhead Football Club

From: Bob Freeman Swadlincote Derbyshire I was born in on New Year’s Eve 1919 in Bellwood Road, Nunhead. When I was about ten I went with my dad to watch Nunhead Football Club who played in the Isthmian League and I went whenever they were at home. The local derby match was against Dulwich Hamlet,

Nunhead (aka Wingfield House) Football Club

From: Cllr Ian Wingfield, Town Hall, Peckham Road, SE5 8UB. As a Nunhead resident I was interested to read about Nunhead FC in issues 108 and 110, so I decided to find out more about the club. I was surprised to learn from Mick Blakeman’s excellent history of Nunhead FC that the football club was

Rye Lane shopping

From: Mike Mills by email I remember the Choumert Road Market, and the wonderful atmosphere at Christmas, during the late 50s and early 60s. In those days the stalls would stay open until late at night, with people leaving it until the last minute to get a cheap turkey or chicken for Christmas. I seem