Listed buildings

Listed buildings in Peckham

Peckham has no Grade I buildings and the only II* one is the former Pioneer Health Centre in St Mary’s Road. (Grade I buildings are of paramount importance to the nation and grade II* are of outstanding interest.) The first building to be listed in SE15 was the Licensed Victuallers’ Asylum on 28/02/1962, and the most recent The Ivy House pub on 20/04/2012.

Buildings listed in SE15 are a strange assortment: from individual buildings and terraces of domestic housing (many inside conservation areas) to monuments in Nunhead Cemetery – and telephone kiosks.

Here is a list of the non-residential buildings and monuments which you can see in Peckham (date of listing in brackets).

St Antholin Church

St Antholin Church


  • Celestial Church of Christ and attached wall and railings, Glengall Rd Formerly St Andrew. Anglican church. By E Bassett Keeling, 1864-65. (17/09/1998)
  • Church of St Antholin, Nunhead Lane. By Ewan Christian, 1877. Restored after war damage, 1957 by Laurence King. (27/09/1972)
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Friary Rd. RC (Franciscan) church. By Edward Welby Pugin, 1864-66. (27/09/1972
  • St Luke’s Church, Camberwell, Diamond St. By Arthur Campbell Martin, 1953-4. (12/04/2000)
  • Baptist chapel, Rye Lane. By Bland, 1863. (27/09/1972)
  • Post Office Depot, Highshore Rd. Formerly Friends Meeting House, 1826. (27/09/1972)
  • Schools
  • Former St Luke’s Church of England Primary School (Camden Schools), Sumner Rd. Primary school, now community centre.(27/09/1972)
  • St John’s and St Clement’s School, Adys Rd. Formerly Adys Road Board School. By TJ Bailey, 1883-4. (17/09/1998)
  • Ivydale Road Primary School, Ivydale Rd. Also Caretaker’s Cottage, related buildings and wall. Former Ivydale Road Board School, 1891. (17/09/1998)
  • ‘Southwark Educational Services Centre’ and perimeter wall, Bellenden Rd. Former Bellenden Road Board School. Formerly Bellenden Road Board school, now Belham Primary School. 1876. (17/09/1998)

Public houses

  • The Kentish Drovers Public house, 720 Old Kent Road, c1840. Now New Saigon restaurant. (27/09/1972)
  • The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Road. By A E Sewell, 1930s. (20/04/2012)
14 Caroline Gardens Main Entrance

14 Caroline Gardens Main Entrance


  • Licensed Victuallers’ Benevolent Institution (Caroline Gardens), Asylum Rd: North Lodge, South Lodge, Main Block, North Range, Back Range, railings and gates to Caroline Gardens (28/02/1962). Also annexe to offices at 10 Asylum Road. By FE Harford, 1913-14. (added 17/09/1998)
  • Girdlers’ Almshouses, Choumert Rd. Also walls, gates and railings. By Woodthorpe, 1852. (27/09/1972)
  • Beeston’s Gift Almshouses, Consort Rd. Also gates, piers and railings. Built for the Girdlers’ Company, 1834. (27/09/1972). Cast iron water pump in garden in front of almshouses. Mid C19. (added 17/09/1998)
  • Beer and Wine Trade Homes, Nunhead Green. By William Webbe, 1852-3. (27/09/1972)

Public buildings

  • Camberwell Public Library and Livesey Museum, 682 Old Kent Rd. By R P Whellock, 1890. Closed 2008. Now Treasure House (London) CIC independent school. (17/09/1998)
  • Former Pioneer Health Centre, St Mary’s Rd. Later Southwark Adult Education Institute; now residential. (27/09/1972)
  • Willowbrook Centre, 48 Willowbrook Rd. Originally a house, now managed by Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum. (27/09/1972)
  • 58 Peckham High Street. 1720s house. Now a shop.
  • Industrial buildings and statues
  • Honor Oak Pumping Station, Cheltenham Road. Also Valve House. (17/09/1998)
  • Gas standard lamp, Canal Grove. Now adapted to electric light. (17/09/1998)
  • Statue of George Livesey formerly in the forecourt of the Gas Works offices, Old Kent Rd. By George Pomeroy, 1908-1914. Bronze, life-sized. (17/09/1998). Where is he now?
  • Peckham Rye Station Railway station, Station Way. By Charles Henry Driver, 1864-6, for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. (31/01/2008)

Cemetery and monuments

  • Nunhead Cemetery buildings, Linden Grove: Chapel of Nunhead Cemetery (deconsecrated), East Lodge, West Lodge, Entrance gate piers, gates and railings to Nunhead Cemetery (27/09/1972)
  • Funerary monuments in Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove (17/09/1998): Henry Daniel (d.1867), John Allan (d.1865), Maria Proom (d.1872), John Moritz Oppenheim (d.1864) and Frederick Schroeter (d.1876), Sophia Kempton (d.1849), Thomas Humphreys (d.1868), Vincent Figgins (d.1844);
  • The Scottish Martyrs’ Memorial, Nunhead Cemetery Granite Obelisk (1851) and Stearns Mausoleum (to Laura Stearns, d.1900).
Telephone box in Consort Road

Telephone box in Consort Road

Telephone kiosks

Model K2 cast-iron kiosk designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in 1927. All listed 24/12/1986.Many were originally located outside public houses – though these buildings themselves are excluded from the listing.

  • outside Peckham Bazaar, Consort Rd. (Originally The Prince Albert, PH)
  • opposite Lyndhurst Square, Lyndhurst Way
  • outside White Horse PH, Nigel Road
  • junction with Scylla Road Peckham Rye, near The Rye Hotel
  • outside Montpelier Arms, Queen’s Rd

Please let us know if any buildings have been inadvertently been omitted from the list above.

Why not go for a walk, look around you, look up, and see some of the buildings of interest and history that we have here in Peckham.


The buildings of England. London 2: South by Bridget Cherry and Nikolaus Pevsner (1983)

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