Rye Lane, a film based in Peckham won Best Comedy after being nominated for eight titles at the National Film Academy Awards. The rom-com film, set in Peckham and Brixton, and premiered at PeckamPlex received nominations across various categories, including Best Comedy, Best British Film, and Best Drama. It marked Raine Allen-Miller’s directorial debut. The two leads – Vivian Oparah (Yas) and David Johnsson (Dom), were also both up for Best Newcomer, and Simon Manyonda (Nathan) and Poppy Allen-Quarmby (Cass) for Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Writers, Nathan Byron and Tom Melia were nominated for Best Screenplay. The film concerns two youngsters reeling from bad breakups who connect over an eventful day in South-London.

Amidst wandering through Peckham, a little breaking and entering, and a dicey cookout, “Rye Lane” is all about chemistry, cheeky charm and heart-swelling empathy. Punchy, quick-witted dialogue and the ironies of youthful romance bring humour and laughs  and some good the banter between Jonsonn and Oparah. “Rye Lane” is quirky, a day in the life of the couple and our local community; featuring great costumes and our wonderful everyday markets and spaces, and is marked by characteristic Peckham vibrancy.  A must to see.

The ceremony took place on Monday, July 3, 2023