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George Choumert

George Choumert (1746-1831), who developed large areas of our local community, came originally from Lorraine in France, but moved to England when he married into the wealthy Fendall family of Bermondsey, becoming a British citizen in 1796. A patent of 7 August 1783, relating to his invention of a machine for cutting, splitting and dividing

Victorians experienced public transport problems in Rye Lane and East Dulwich

The later nineteenth century was a period of very rapid growth in suburban London, and there was often a misfit between the newly populated areas and the existing public transport system. Sometimes there was an adequate road and rail service already in existence. But often a main road or railway line was some distance away,

George England & Co, Hatcham Iron Works

To most people the thought of heavy industry in London up to the turn of the 21s century  might seem absurd. George England and Co. started up from Newcastle upon Tyne in 1812 and began producing locomotives in Hatcham Iron Works in the 1840s. The site lay just east of Pomeroy Street in Peckham. They

The River Peck

Peckham’s lost river is hidden for almost all its length; most of it was enclosed in the 1820s and it is now only visible at two points. The River Peck rises on One Tree Hill in Honor Oak and runs down the hill in a culvert to emerge at Harris Girls’ Academy. Priory Farm once