From: Iris Gardener

I always enjoy getting the magazine – it brings back so many memories of my 50 years in Peckham. I was so pleased to see the photos of the Heaton Arms and Co-operative House as I lived in Sternhall Lane. Everything was close at hand. My mother sent us down to the Triangle to get vegetables from Ginny Lyons on the stall – and salad from Burton’s stall.

I am always so pleased to see letters from people I know – like Mrs Stroud who used to come in Deighton’s button shop in Blenheim Grove where I worked for 28 years.

John Smith lived in Sternhall Lane – I remember him so well and all the family.

Although I’ve been away from Peckham for nearly 28 years, I still like to know what’s going on there. Life wasn’t always easy – we didn’t need to spend money to have a good time. We were always happy to go to Peckham Rye Park.