Peckham Central School

From: Kathleen Corbitt (née Nelson)
Leighton Buzzard

I was a pupil at Peckham Central School from 1936 until 1940 and remember the school lamp. If it was lit then all was well with the school but when unlit this meant that somebody had misbehaved and brought disgrace upon the school. It was unlit on one occasion and we all waited in trepidation to discover who the culprit was and what she had done. Miss Ambler, our Headmistress, then informed us that the school had run out of oil and that was the reason. I was in Green House and cannot recall Yellow House having their shade on the lamp during my time there.

I was evacuated to Pulborough in West Sussex in 1939 and returned to London in 1940. Perhaps some former pupils remember me; if so I would love to hear from them.