Collingwood School

Former Colls Road School building in 2012

Former Colls Road School building in 2012

From: Mrs Maureen Stoner
Christchurch Dorset

I grew up in Camberwell in Dartnell Road off the Old Kent Road. This area was also known as The Island. Why I do not know. My early days were at Cobourg Road Primary School and we lived in prefabs there; this area was heavily bombed during the war and a complete neighbourhood was wiped out in one raid. I have very happy memories of living there. We then moved to Camberwell Green in the first block of the Elmington Estate in 1956. I know that the canal has been filled in but it was a big draw for many youngsters and caused great fears for mums. I had a great aunt who lived in Boathouse Walk in Peckham in one of the little old cottages.

Collingwood was once a mixed school named Colls Road but in the later years was changed to Collingwood. Then this became a Girls’ Central School and we had an excellent headmistress.

In 1958 the education system was changing and Credon Road Secondary Modern School moved into our school increasing our numbers and frankly bringing down the school. Credon Road School was quite a tough school and their pupils often had teachers in tears.

Miss Vaughan Davis, our head, resigned from Collingwood one year after this amalgamation and went to become head at a very good girls’ school in London.