A list of all vicars and ministers in charge of churches where all or part of the parish is today in SE15. (To be completed.)

Camden Chapel/Church (1795)

[visualizer id=”2720″]1952 church closed.

St Chrysostom, Peckham (1814)

[visualizer id=”2722″](formerly Peckham Chapel)
Early 20C fell into disuse.

St George, Camberwell (1824)

[visualizer id=”2724″](including Trinity College Mission)

Christ Church, Old Kent Road (1837)

[visualizer id=”2726″]


St Mary Magdalen, Peckham (1841)

[visualizer id=”2730″]


St John, East Dulwich (1826)

[visualizer id=”2728″]


St Andrew, Peckham (1866)

[visualizer id=”2732″]1978 church declared redundant.

St Jude, Peckham (1876)

[visualizer id=”2734″]1960 church declared redundant.

All Saints, Blenheim Grove (1872)

[visualizer id=”2736″]


St Antholin (Anthony) Nunhead (1865)

[visualizer id=”2738″](including St Michael temporary church)

St Luke (1870)

[visualizer id=”2740″]


St Saviour, Denmark Hill (1881)

[visualizer id=”2742″]


St Mark, Peckham (1880)

[visualizer id=”2744″]1940s church bombed during WW2.

All Saints, North Peckham (1894)

[visualizer id=”2746″]1956 parish united with St Andrew, Peckham.

St Silas, Nunhead (1903)

[visualizer id=”2748″]2001 declared redundant; parish merged with St Anthony, Nunhead.