St Chrysostom’s

From: Michael Gaskin
by email

I am so pleased to have found your website. As a child, I went to Cubs and Sunday School at St. Chrysostom’s church. I believe it has been demolished. I wonder why. Does anyone remember Miss Talbot, “The Grey Lady”, who was some kind of nun and had a lot to do with the church?

Although I have lived in Sussex for over 40 years, I still have such vivid and happy memories of my childhood in Peckham.

St Chrysostom in about 1923

[St Chrysostom’s in Peckham Hill Street survived the Second World War, though not without damage. An expensive but abortive attempt at restoration in 1960/61 served only to accelerate decay in roof timbers. At the end of 1962 the building was found to be unsafe and had to be vacated. It was demolished the following year. – Ed.]