Peckham Rye Mission

From: John Smith

I wonder if anyone can help me to find some of my friends from the 1950s? I have a 1953 photo of three of my friends: Brian Turner, John Hatherley and Dickie Drane. We all went to the Peckham Rye Mission Youth Club. If anyone else remembers the Youth Club, and the good man that ran the club, Ken Merritt, please get in touch with me. Other friends I’d love to know about are John Caddock, Bob Warren, Sylvia Marks, Gloria Colletta and Valerie Chivers. We had wonderful times at the Youth Club, and we had many rambles out to the countryside, from Peckham Rye Station, organised by Ken Merritt. I particularly remember the Peckham Rye Mission Youth Club holiday to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight in 1953. That is a holiday I shall never forget. It was the first holiday that I ever had.