Christ Church, Old Kent Road

From: Mrs F.S. Marriner (née Green)

When I lived in Peckham I remember Ranyard nurses calling each week for a small donation, to keep their work going. Christ Church hall in Friary Road was used by Brownies and Guides during the 1930s and the war.

In the thirties Brownies, Guides and Scouts met monthly outside the hall prior to starting church parade at Christ Church in the Old Kent Road. The Scouts had a wonderful band to march to. My mother belonged to a club that met at the Union Settlement.* They had outings to a girls’ school in Kent where the girls waited on them and served them teas.

Does anyone remember the playground opposite Friary Road? It was a series of alleyways with small terraced houses. They were pulled down in the 1930s and the London County Council built several blocks of flats there.

I can’t wait for the next Peckham Society News. It is so interesting and brings back so many memories.

*Now the Peckham Settlement in Staffordshire Street.