Memory Lane Archive

Cator Street School

From: Mrs Olive Brenchley (née Dodd) Maidstone I was born in 1916 in Little Rosemary Road, an extension to Rosemary Road. When I was three months old my family moved to 97 Cronin Road, where I lived until I was married in 1939 in St Luke’s Church. I went to Cator Street School where a

Walmer Castle

From: James Roffey Clayworth, Nr. Retford The picture of the former Walmer Castle in the last issue brought back memories of when I was a small boy going with my mother every week to the public library that stood on the opposite corner of Grummant Road to that public house. I was, of course, far

Duke of Wellington

From: Mrs Nellie Thornton (née Brooks) Oxenford Street I lived nearly opposite the Duke of Wellington pub in Cronin Road 92 years ago. It was a very friendly pub. There was a bar at the side saying “Bottle and jug bar” where you could go and get half a pint of beer in a jug

Dog Pond

From: Mike Mills by email I remember the dog pond, situated near to the former Prisoner of War huts. During the summer holidays we would fish for sticklebacks with small floats and tiny hooks. There was real excitement on one occasion when a lad caught an 8″ roach from the pond. I never saw that

Cinemas and swimming

From: Henry Hadden Worcester WR5 My father was born in Meeting House Lane in 1901 on the day Queen Victoria died. He was very fond of ice cream and told me of an Italian ice cream seller – called Califano, who sold ice cream from a horse and cart. We went to the pictures at

Odeon cinema

From: Kelly Heywood by email I moved to Peckham when I was five years old and am now 37. I have some very good memories of my childhood. The Odeon cinema stands out in my memory very much from about the age of seven years old when my eldest brother Steven used to take me

Dance Bands of the Thirties and later

From: Malcolm Adams by email My mother recently died and amongst her possessions I found a box of calling cards many of which were from Peckham musicians including my father. I have made up a collage with a picture of my father as centrepiece. My father played banjo mainly, but was also a tenor saxophone

St Chrysostom’s

From: Michael Gaskin by email I am so pleased to have found your website. As a child, I went to Cubs and Sunday School at St. Chrysostom’s church. I believe it has been demolished. I wonder why. Does anyone remember Miss Talbot, “The Grey Lady”, who was some kind of nun and had a lot

Salvation Army

From: Bette Everett by email Does anyone remember Sister Charlesly of the Salvation Army? My sister and I, along with assorted cousins, used to go with her to the local Army Hall every Sunday, morning and afternoon. She was like the Pied Piper as we used to wait by our gates for her and then

Rye Lane Baptist Chapel

From: Ernest John Savage Shirley, Croydon I was born at 70 Denman Road in 1913. My sister Jessie worked at Jones and Higgins in Rye Lane. As a family we attended Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, where I sang bass in the choir, and played the double bass in Dr Green’s orchestra on Sunday evenings. We