Neglected buildings to undergo a £120K lift

Thousands of pounds are to be spent on improving a gateway to Peckham and the old library. Groups such as the Peckham Society have been asking for years for the early 19th century buildings on Shard’s Terrace to be done up. Since the new state-of-the-art library in Peckham opened five years ago, the old building opposite in Peckham Hill Street has become derelict. Peckham Community Council has agreed to spend £100,000 on Shard’s Terrace, on the corner of Peckham High Street and Peckham Hill Street, and £20,000 to refurbish the library. They lie in a zone the Peckham Society, which works to preserve the history and environment of Peckham, wants to make a conservation area.

The editor of the Peckham Society News, John Beasley, said ‘Shard’s Terrace is a lovely Georgian terrace in Peckham and needs to be preserved. It’s an important part of the history of the area. Smartening it up will make it more attractive to visitors.’ Architect and Peckham Society member Benedict O’Looney said: ‘Shard’s Terrace is amongst the old buildings that are the nucleus of the old village of Peckham. We want the council to use money to spotlight Peckham’s oldest and historic buildings. Shard’s Terrace is just one of several.’

From South London Press 21 February 2006