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Camberwell Zeppelin raid (19 October 1917)

The last Zeppelin raid on London in the First World War took place on the night of 19-20 October 1917. The intended target was Sheffield but heavy winds blew Navy Zeppelin L45 off course. After bombing Hendon and Piccadilly Circus, it passed over Elephant and Castle and dropped a 300kg (660lb) bomb on Calmington Road

Roberts Capsule Stopper Factory (1887-2007)

In Spring 1916 the Peckham Society was sent photos of Roberts Capsule Stopper Factory by Jill Abrey in New Zealand. Her father, Charles Reading, joined the firm as an office boy when the firm was in Harder’s Road, Peckham in 1916 and finally retired in 1976 as managing director. Roberts Capsule Stopper Company Ltd. was