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We are always on the lookout for information and photographs about Peckham and or Nunhead. We need information for our Magazine, to answer readers' queries, to assist our editor in compiling new books. All information we receive is published in our magazine The Peckham Society News where possible and also lodged with the Southwark Local Studies Library where it will be available to others who may be interested.

Any information you can help with should be sent to our editor at:

There are also requests for information (as well as responses containing useful information) on our letters page.

We currently need to know more about the following:

Autumn 2012 - Information Sought

The Peckham Flag (1915) has been given to our editor. As with all publications not already in Southwark Local History Library, this has now been deposited in that important library.The bound volume starts with the January 1915 (No. 1 Vol. 2) issue and ends with December 1915 (No. 12 Vol. 2). Does any reader know whether any other issues exist and, if so, where? We are grateful to Roger Young, who worked for Southwark Council, for deciding to give The Peckham Flag to our editor. The magazines include information about various organisations that existed in Peckham in the early part of the 20th century and shed light on what Peckham was like during the First World War.
Any information about Harry and Florence Blackwell who lived at 24 Peckham Hill Street in the first half of the 20th century.
Photographs of the Peckham Liberal Club,24 Elm Grove, are wanted. The building is in danger of closing down and being sold to developers.
Did a resident at c48 Glengall Road, prior to the 1960s, commit a robbery and die in prison before the loot was found?
Photographs of Claude Road, Hinder & Long in Peckham Hill Street and Windsor Castle pub, 95 Cator Street are wanted.

Summer 2012 - Information Sought

Where in Pitt Street was the Coach and Horses pub?
What do you know about the 1926 General Strike in Bermondsey, the Metropolitan Borough of Southwark and Peckham, including any stories regarding strikers, volunteers, dockers, printers and anyone with experience of R.Hoe and Co. Ltd., Borough Road.
Did you know anyone who lived at 27 Philip Road?
Photographs of Rural Place, Lugard Tavern, Coronation street party photos in Geldart Road, and 113 Kirkwood Road (What was sold in the shop?) are sought.

Spring 2012 - Information Needed

Where was the Bellenden Road Air Raid Precautions Depot?
In 1953 the pond on Peckham Rye Common was filled in. Do you know why?
Early photographs of Peckham are always wanted: Whittington Road and a parade of shops at the junction of Kirkwood Road and Brayards Road prior to the Second World War;the house in Moncrieff Street where the Goddard family lived and in a building in the back garden the famous Goddard's White Horse Oils were made. (See Peckham Society News No. 121 p. 30.) Bishop Wilfred Wood Close now occupies the site. These photos are currently sought.

Winter 2011 - Can you provide information please?

Did you know Pat Brown, a long-time parishioner of St John's Goose Green. She was a writer and needlewoman?
What do you know about Bevington & Sons, organ builders (1794-1950), who had temporary premises in Peckham (possibly in April 1902 and later)?
Photographs of Peckham Photos of Reddins Road School, Avondale Road Unitarian Church, Carlton Place and Lugard Tavern are wanted. The same applies to a parade of shops at the junction of Kirkwood Road and Brayards Road prior to the Second World War.

Any information you can help with should be sent to our editor at:

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